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Essix Retainers

An important part of maintaining a perfect smile is the regular use of a retainer.
Wearing an Essix retainer helps to prevent any movement of the teeth from occurring after orthodontic treatment and can keep your perfect smile in place for many years!
A mould is taken of the patient’s teeth and the retainer is made to replicate the teeth exactly. The Essix retainer is made out of transparent plastic, making it virtually invisible. They are so discreet that unless someone is close to your face they might not even notice you are wearing it. Simply pop the retainer onto your teeth, it will be a snug fit. The transparent material prevents the teeth from moving, therefore maintaining your smile.

Oral hygiene with an Essix retainer is easy, simply take out the retainer to clean your teeth as normal. The retainer should also be cleaned and can be stored in its accompanying small plastic box when not in use.

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For additional information on Essix Retainers, get in contact with our dental clinic today.

Essix Retainers FAQ

What are the advantages of Essix Retainers?

As Essix Retainers are moulded to a patient’s mouth they are comfortable to wear, while still holding teeth in place. They are made from a robust clear plastic material which makes Essix Retainers virtually invisible.

Can I eat while wearing Essix Retainers?

No, before eating or drinking anything we recommend removing the Essix Retainers first.

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