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Imelda O'Brien opened the doors to the Midland Denture Clinic in 2015 with an ambition to improve people's smiles.

The practice has HSE approval. In 1990 Imelda completed her training as a Dental Technician at South London College, she remained in London gaining valuable work experience before returning home to Ireland in 1993.

Once back in Ireland, Imelda opened a Dental Laboratory in Durrow; working hard for many years before deciding to return to college to expand her knowledge and specialise in what she loved.

Imelda graduated from Trinity college Dublin with a post graduated degree in Clinical Dental Technology in 2014.
Imelda is a registered Clinical Dental Technician with the Dental Council of Ireland.

Opening the Midland Denture Clinic in 2015, Imelda had a clear idea of the importance of dentures to their wearers, not only for their functionality but for patient's self-confidence too. Patients regard their dentures as a very private issue, often keeping their denture wearing a secret from their family and friends.
Midland Denture Clinic considers confidentiality and discretion just as important as their commitment to providing high-quality dentures.


imelda o'brien

Imelda O'Brien

“I have been making dentures in County Laois for 25 years; I take great pride in my work and aim to improve your denture wearing experience.

Dentures should be replaced when they become worn, ill-fitting, have been added too, frequently fractured or are between 6/8 years old.

I provide same day repair and addition service which is free to medical card holders. Call in for your free consultation with Imelda.”

midland denture clinic

For additional information on our denture fitting and manufacturing processes, get in contact with our clinic today.

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