Full Complete Dentures

When we make complete dentures we are not restrained by the position of natural teeth so we have more scope to create different settings, whether that be a setting close to your natural teeth from a photo or a setting like your old dentures or a new look that we create together.

Then with the very latest fitting and manufacturing techniques we create dentures that fit well, give you your confidence back and most importantly make you want to smile.

When making full completed dentures, we take 3 important factors into account:

  1. Aesthetics: If dentures are between 8-10 years old they get worn down causing loss of lip and tissue support, the proper position and angulation of the teeth and supporting wax can restore the profile to its natural appearance. When the dentures are at the wax stage there will be a trial fitting, this is when you the patient get the opportunity to have the most input and only when you are happy we proceed to finish the denture.
  2. Function: The correct position and balancing of the teeth can allow for stability when chewing food and can also improve speech
  3. Fit: We take great care to get the correct impression so that the dentures fit accurately in order to prevent movement

For additional information on our range of full dentures, get in contact with Midland Denture Clinic today.


Partial Dentures

Full denture wearers can come directly to Midland Denture Clinic for assessment however, partial denture patients must have been with a dentist for a check-up in the last year before attending the clinic, the natural teeth must be healthy to receive a partial denture, if teeth need to be extracted we will work with your dentist’s dental plan to ensure the longevity of your denture.

Our partial dentures are designed to seamlessly blend with the patient's natural teeth. We take great care to choose a tooth that matches exactly the shade and shape of your natural teeth.

We ensure that our partial dentures fit snugly in a patient’s mouth.

Chrome Cobalt Dentures

Chrome Cobalt metal frame works can be made to replace a full palate or to replace a number of natural teeth.

The full metal palate is unbreakable so it is used in circumstances where the patient is constantly breaking their acrylic dentures during wear, it is also light weight approx. 1 mm thick. Chrome palates have higher thermal conductivity than acrylic so allows you to feel the temperatures of food and beverages. They are also more hygienic as they lessen the accumulation of plaque and calculus on the metal surface.

Partial chrome cobalt plates are precision fit and are specifically designed around the patient’s natural teeth, they feel very secure to wear and the fit does not change over time, generally the palate is free. In order to be a candidate for a chrome you need to have a specific number of natural teeth and they need to be healthy as they are used to support the chrome, however patients who wear chromes tend to keep their natural teeth for longer in my experience.

Solvay Bio Compatible Frame

Both existing patients and new removable partial denture candidates have metal-free options. Patients looking for more than what a metal frame has to offer can opt for a biocompatible frame made with Ultaire AKP high-performance polymer.

Ultaire AKP was designed by Solvay Dental 360 specifically for patients looking for a higher degree of satisfaction when wearing their removable partial dentures.

Frames made from Ultaire AKP offer patients:

  • A comfortable, lightweight and biocompatible frame
  • Bone-like properties, which may improve overall fit and limit future bone loss
  • Ideal for the replacement of a small number of teeth on one side
  • An aesthetically pleasing option, with no visible metal

Suction Dentures

For denture wearers who have advanced resorption of the lower ridge, the stability of the lower denture can be a real problem, to address this we have adopted the Dr Abe technique to create a suction on the full lower denture. Using this newly developed technique we can achieve stability of the full lower denture even in very unfavourable ridges.

For additional information on our suction dentures, get in contact
with our clinic today.


Tooth Coloured Clasps

Tooth coloured clasps are often used as an alternative to metal clasps. Their excellent shock absorption, allows the clasp to flex and move, increasing overall comfort.

We can offer a full range of tooth and tissue coloured clasps, which make this solution nearly invisible when worn.

Flexi Denture

To talk to our dentist about tooth coloured claps, please schedule a consultation in our clinic today.


Denture Care Products

Now avaiable at the clinic

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Before and After

For the best in secure, stable suction dentures, get in contact with Midland Denture Clinic today.



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